We are researchers in life writing, auto/biography, memoir, letters, diaries, graphic texts, documentary, & social media.

The Lab is seeking interdisciplinary collaborators. If you are a researcher and want to get involved, please get in touch.

Research Interests:

We are interested in life writing’s intersection with:

  • Childhood and youth
  • Memory, truth and selfhood
  • Trauma and grief
  • Digital mediation of life and life narrative
  • Marginal texts and media cultures
  • Essays, diaries, letters, and comics
  • Material cultures
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Activism and politics
  • Place, space and the environment

Our Current Projects

  • Homesickness, Ecoanxiety and Solastalgia in Life Writing

    Homesickness, Ecoanxiety and Solastalgia in Life Writing

    Mia-Francesca Jones This project explores the relationship between the writer and the environment to reframe the concept of homesickness as an ecological emotion alongside the emotions of solastalgia and ecoanxiety. By analysing literary works of creative nonfiction and autobiographical weather diaries, this project is interested in representations of affect in personal narrative.  The writing aims…

  • The Process of Autofictional Self-Transformation

    The Process of Autofictional Self-Transformation

    Holly Hershman This project considers how the process of authoring autofictional works transforms writers’ perspectives about their experiences and enables them to take control of their narrative. Through processing past wounds, writers reauthor themselves in an autofictional world of their creation. These worlds enable authors to develop new truths that explore deeper emotionality and alternative…

  • Writing and Wellbeing

    Writing and Wellbeing

    Associate Professor Kylie Cardell, Dr Katerina Bryant, Christiana Harous, Dr Emma Maguire (JCU), Associate Professor Lydia Woodyatt This project investigates how writing can impact wellbeing.  This interdisciplinary project surveys and analyses a large sample of writers in order to understand and map the experiences of wellbeing and resilience across a cohort and to measure and…

  • The New Personal Essay

    The New Personal Essay

    Associate Professor Kylie Cardell & Associate Professor Rachel Robertson (Curtin) This project explores and analyses the literary essay as a dynamic and evolving form in the twenty-first century. This ongoing project is creating new scholarly knowledge about the essay form, addressing major gaps in understanding in relation to the essay as it is practiced by…

  • Kids Read Biography: Book Clubs and Children as Cultural Critics

    Kids Read Biography: Book Clubs and Children as Cultural Critics

    Professor Kate Douglas By developing readership studies with children, this project aims to produce the first extended study of how children read biographies. The project expects to generate new knowledge and innovative research methods at the intersection of children’s literature and life narrative studies. Expected outcomes of this project include new knowledge on children as…

  • True Crime Writing: Practice-led Research

    True Crime Writing: Practice-led Research

    Dr Rachel Spencer What are the ethical challenges for the lawyer-writer when using law as a framework for a true crime narrative? My research is an innovative cross-disciplinary study positioned at the nexus of legal theory and creative writing. It is a work of creative research into an important South Australian criminal case from 1981.…

  • Choices, Choices, Choices: Writing the biography of Australia’s father of pain medicine

    Choices, Choices, Choices: Writing the biography of Australia’s father of pain medicine

    Gabriella Kelly-Davies The creative component of my PhD is the biography of Australia’s father of pain medicine: Breaking through the pain barrier. The extraordinary life of Dr Michael J. Cousins. The biography of Dr Michael Cousins explores what made Australia’s ‘father of pain medicine’ tick and what set him ticking. It portrays his dreams, trials and…

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